There are a multitude of opportunities and events at Kehilat Nitzanim that provide rich platforms of involvement for female members. 

A program of particular pride is Bet Midrash Le’Nashim. Since 5758/2007 women have been invited to spend one or two mornings a week engaged in learning. The program (in Hebrew) currently attracts over 100 women weekly! 

The women of Kehilat Nitzanim are also active members in other ways.  On Purim we invite you to enjoy a women’s megillah reading, on Simchat Torah the Nashim L’Nashim Shiurim before Musaf. 

For those still working on their Hebrew while they settle into Israeli society we offer the “Israel in English” book club.  

With other special events throughout the year, such as Shabbat Dorshot Tov, an initiative of Kolech that brings outstanding women Torah scholars to speak in synagogues throughout the country, Kehilat NItzanim reinforces the importance of limud and kehilah for each and every one of our members.