Our Rav

Rav’s Shiur Schedule

In addition to the Shabbat morning drasha (In Hebrew before Musaf, summarized in English at the end of Tefilah) and a Dvar Torah (Hebrew) on Friday night, Rav Shai gives many shiurim at Nitzanim and elsewhere in Jerusalem every week. During the current pandemic, there are many changes to the normal schedule, and most shiurim are currently on Zoom. 

Zoom link for most shiurim: 

At Nitzanim

Shabbat afternoon between Mincha and Ma’ariv: Hebrew/Bet Knesset. Topics usually span several weeks. Source sheets are distributed at the beginning of each shiur and will be available in advance from this page

Sunday morning: 10:15 Hebrew/Bet Midrash  Personalities in the Talmud. Part of Bet Midrash LeNashim.  Currently broadcast on Zoom. 

Sunday night: monthly following Shabbat Mevarchim: 20:00. English with some Hebrew, in the Bet Knesset. Shiur for young professionals. Topic: When Halacha and Hashkafa Confront Modern Times. Currently on coronavirus hold.

Monday night: 20:00. English/Bet Knesset. Topic: Hashkafa in Gemara Brachot. Currently broadcast on Zoom. 

Thursday morning: 9:00 English/Bet Midrash. As part of the jointly-sponsored “Boker in Baka” series, Rav Shai presents, on average, twice a month. Find his past shiurim on the Torah MiTzion site. 

Thursday night: Following 20:00 English/Bet Midrash.  Midrash on Parashat HaShavua. Currently broadcast on Zoom. 

Friday morning: Following 7:00 Shacharit. English/Bet Midrash. Iyun in Gemara Ketubot. Currently broadcast on Zoom at 8:00. 

At large in Jerusalem

OU Israel Center – Thursday 11:30. English. “Unlocking the Messages of Chazal.” Currently via Zoom. 

Rav Shai teaches at a variety of other venues in Jerusalem including Pardes, Yeshurun Central Synagogue, Israel OU Center, Beit Avi Chai, and Beit Knesset Hanassi. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, check the website of each venue for current information.