Children's Programs

Kehilat Nitzanim has a vibrant schedule for the younger set:

Shabbat Groups

Each Shabbat there are 3 separate children’s groups that meet at 10:00 a.m.
Ages 0-3 gather with Mandy Keshet. (Parents are welcome, of course.)
Ages 4-7 are with Yitz Weiner and Sarah Strashun Jacob for a child-friendly tefilah.
7 years and up meet with Dror Strashun Jacob to explore Parshat Hashavua.

Limmud Dor LeDor

What better way to impart a love of Torah than to pair it with pizza!! During the winter join us on Motzei Shabbat, one hour after Shabbat finishes. Children and the adult/s of their choice (parent, grandparent, aunt, family friend…) gather to explore Hilchot Shabbat in a setting that is buzzing with excitement. This program is free of charge. As a matter of fact, we provide the learning sheets and give each participant a slice of delicious pizza!

Mesibat Purim

Following Megillah reading on Purim night, Landau Hall is transformed into a spectacular carnival. Music, face-painting, games and food. For children 0-120!

Shavuot Sundae Delight

A special child-friendly reading of the Aseret HaDibrot in the afternoon followed by an eye-popping ice cream party.