Families With Young Children

Families with Young Children

Kehilat Nitzanim is a hub for families with young children who live in the greater Baka area. We know that engaging children positively at a young age helps establish a firm foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jewish traditions and practices. Additionally, we put great emphasis on the social component of Kehilah, by bringing children – and their parents – together on a regular basis for children’s tefilah groups, learning opportunities and good old Jewish-framed fun.
Shabbat Groups

Each Shabbat there are 3 separate children’s groups that meet at 10:00 a.m.
Ages 0-3 gather with Mandy Keshet. (Parents are welcome, of course.)
Ages 4-7 are with Yitz Weiner and Sarah Strashun Jacob for a child-friendly tefilah.
7 years and up meet with Dror Strashun Jacob to explore Parshat Hashavua.