Yamim Noraim

Membership & Seating 5784

Members and Friends of Kehilat Nitzanim,

We invite you to renew your Beit Knesset membership for 5784 and reserve seats for the Yamim Noraim. For those who are not yet members, we encourage you to join the Beit Knesset as members of the Amutah or on an annual basis.

All the details and membership, seating, policies and payment methods can be found in the letter from Vaad Bet Knesset. Click here: Vaad Letter

Please complete the membership/seating form at this link: Membership+Seating Form

After completing the form, you should be directed to a payment page. If needed, you can get to the payment page by clicking here: 
Payment (Donation) Form

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences, however, please understand that we cannot guarantee seats at the minyan of your choice. Members of the Amuta will be given first preference. We also cannot guarantee that married children or guests will be seated near you. 

The seats assigned to you for Yamim Noraim do not automatically become your seats for the duration of the year. This applies in all parts of the Bet Knesset. 

We thank all of you who have contributed generously to our shul throughout the year and invite those who have not yet contributed to take this opportunity to do so. All support is greatly appreciated.

כתיבה וחתימה טובה   

Rav Shai and the Vaad Bet Haknesset

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