Shabbat Dorshot Tov

Kehilat Nitzanim is proud to participate in the annual Dorshot Tov program. Begun in 2016, the Dorshot Tov, Women Torah Scholar in Residence program is an initiative of Kolech, in collaboration with Matan, The Beit Hillel Rabbinical Association, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Ein HaNatziv and Beit Midrash Harel. The program brings female Torah scholars to the forefront of Israel’s National Religious Society to promote the scholarship and teaching of women.  Once a year, communities throughout Israel host female scholars for a Shabbat, during which the scholar speaks publicly for all members of the community, men and women alike. The revolution of women studying Jewish texts in depth has created an inspiring collective of female scholars whose wisdom and influence compel many to pursue their own deeper exploration of Torah and Jewish texts.