Tips on using

To facilitate your experience using the new website for our Bet Knesset, here are some things to keep in mind while you explore.

  • Please be patient! We’re still working on the site, which includes improving forms and other parts of the user interface, adding new features, and updating content every week. We’re happy to hear your comments. Ideas, issues, and praise are all good! There’s an email for feedback below.
  • You can always return to the home page by clicking on the Nitzanim logo in the top corner of all pages.
  • Nearly all content is available in Hebrew as well as English. The site launches in Hebrew, but you can use the flags on the top of each page to switch the language of presentation. Please make sure Google Translate is not active on the site.
  • Some links open a new tab – you may want to close the tab and return to the original one before you litter your browser with too many open tabs.
  • On the home page, announcements will scroll upward. You can stop the movement by placing your cursor in that area of the screen. When you remove your cursor, the scrolling will resume.
  • Some scrolling announcements link you directly to a specific page. In those cases you can click anywhere on the text that says “click on this text” even if there are no underlined words indicating a link. (We hope to change this going forward.)
  • Some content is shown in a temporary manner while we build something even better. This includes the printable weekly Z’manim and, especially, the archive of Rav Shai’s shiurim and drashot. We know that the current implementation is not ideal, but it allows us to provide quite a lot of content now rather than waiting for the improved experience that will take some time.
  • A new feature from Rav Shai: Especially now while we’re not all davening together on Friday night, the Rav is providing a brief weekly Dvar Halacha with a few questions to think about. You’re invited to submit your answers to Rav Shai on the form provided. The page is under Our Rav/Leil Shabbat Questions.
  • All the Shiurim sponsored by Nitzanim are listed under Torah/Shiurim Schedule, where you can also find the links to Zoom and to downloadable source sheets.
  • You can submit announcements (e.g., births, batei mitzvah) to be included on the site under Kehila.
  • Feedback: Send your constructive comments about the website via email to


You probably want to close this browser tab when you’re finished reading.