Chessed Opportunities


Kehilat Nitzanim’s reputation as “warm and welcoming” means that from time to time there are opportunities to host visitors to our shul or neighbourhood for a shabbat or chag meal. If you would like to be included in the registry of hosts for such eventualities, please fill out the form below –


There are occasions when members of the kehilah are unable to fend for themselves, and that is when we, as a community, rally and provide support. The simple act of delivering a meal reminds both giver and recipient that they are relatives within a large clan. We know you will answer the call when the opportunity arises to help a fellow member of Kehilat Nitzanim.


Kehilat Nitzanim is a proud participant in the Lone Soldier Food Program. This is one way to give back to the brave men and women, particularly those with no local familial support, who have committed themselves to our national protection. A few times during the year, a sign-up sheet with requested/suggested food items is circulated and dishes, prepared with home-made love and care, are delivered to the Lone Soldier House in Arnona/Talpiot.
Make sure you notice the announcements and links when they are uploaded so that you can be part of this most fulfilling program.


In advance of Chanukah, Kehilat Nitzanim arranges gifts to be delivered to Bat Melech for children, victims of domestic violence, who are served by the organization. Through the collection of funds from the members of the kehilah, gifts are purchased and then wrapped by an intergenerational representation of volunteers who are so responsive, that the job is often done in a flash. The valuable lesson of being attuned to those in need is instilled in our youngest members who understand, as they wrap familiar toys and games, that there are children who live with significant challenges that can be, for a moment, eased by even a little something from someone who cares.