Weekly Tefilah Schedule/Z'manim

weekly services

Shabbat Times At a Glance

Shabbat Simchat Tiorah
Candle Lighting17:42
Mincha and Kabalat Shabbat18:03
Ma’ariv at End of Shabbat/Chag18:53

Shabbat Day Services

Sof Zman Kriyat ShemaMG”A 8:55 GR”A - 9:31
Shacharit Early Minyan (in Ulam landau)7:00
Shacharit Second Minyan (in main Beit Knesset)8:00
Shacharit Minyan Tze’irim (Young Adult) - in Ulam Landau
Tefilat Yeladim
Mincha Gedola13:20
Mincha Ketana18:10
Arvit and end of Shabbat/Chag18:53

Weekday Services

1.10-5.10 Chol Hamoed
Shacharit - First Minyan6:00
Second Minyan7:00
Third Minyan8:15
Early Mincha 13:20
Late Ma’ariv21:50
Hoshana Rabba
Shacharit-First Minyan6:00 in Ulam Landau
Second Minyan 6:30 in the Beit Knesset
Third Minyan8:15 in the Beit Knesset
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