Yamim Noraim


Members and Friends of Kehilat Nitzanim,

We invite you to renew your Beit Knesset membership for 5783 and reserve seats for the Yamim Noraim. For those who are not yet members, we encourage you to join the Beit Knesset as members of the Amutah or on an annual basis.

Please complete the membership/seating form below and return it to us by email as soon as possible. (yamimnoraim5783@gmail.com).

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences, however, please understand that we cannot guarantee seats at the minyan of your choice. Members of the Amuta will be given first preference. We also cannot guarantee that married children or guests will be seated near you. 

The seats assigned to you for Yamim Noraim do not automatically become your seats for the duration of the year. This applies in all parts of the Beit Knesset. 

We thank all of you who have contributed generously to our shul throughout the year and invite those who have not yet contributed to take this opportunity to do so. All support is greatly appreciated.

Amutah membership

The fee to become a member of the Amutah is NIS 15,000 which can be paid over a 3-year period. Amutah membership for singles and children of amutah members is NIS 7,500 which is also payable over a 3-year period.

Some of the benefits of Amutah membership include voting rights, reduced annual membership fees, and substantially reduced rates for rental of the Landau Social hall.

We have raised the rates for membership slightly this year for the first time in over 10 years. As we all know, the cost of living has increased this past year. Additionally, the shul has paid for numerous improvements from the general funds over the last 2 years. We have leveled, cleaned, and paved the right side of the shul which has added over 200 sq. meters of usable space to the shul. During Corona this area served as an everyday, Friday night, and Shabbat morning minyan. You may recall that this area was an eye sore and totally unusable. Presently, the weekly children’s minyanim meet in that area. We also replaced one of the two main air conditioners in the main shul and will need to replace the other one during the course of this year. We painted the main sanctuary and fixed the roof which was leaking into the main sanctuary. All of these improvements and regular ongoing maintenance costs were paid from the general funds from the shul.

Annual membership fees

Amuta Members inc. single children

2,000 shekalim

Non Amutah members

– Family, age 35 and older

2,600 shekalim

– Family, under 35

1,800 shekalim


50% based on age group

To join Kehilat Nitzanim, follow this link: Membership Application

To pay annual dues and/or Amuta obligation, follow this link: Pay Membership Dues

We anticipate having family members and guests who wish to daven with us for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We will make every effort to seat them near their hosts and in the minyan of their choice – again, we cannot guarantee this.

The costs for guests are as follows:

Married children of Amutah members: 400 shekalim per couple
Married children of Non Amutah members- 500 shekalim per couple
Guests- 300 shekalim per person

There will be 4 minyanim this year. Hashkama in the Beit Midrash, Main shul, Landau Hall and Outside on the right side of the shul which will be covered by a shade.

Policies and payments:

Forms and payment should be submitted by Rosh Chodesh Elul (28.8.22). Members whose forms and payment are received on time will receive priority processing. After Rosh Chodesh Elul, non-members’ reservations will be processed. We will do our best to fulfill any request you may have but cannot make guarantees.

Be aware that seats are only reserved once payment is received. We urge everyone to pay online as you will receive your receipt instantaneously. If you need help paying online, please contact Moshe Schecter (054 656 8288), Larry Shafier (058 666 6451), Elliot Fidler (052 680 7916) or Eli Kadosh (050 239 9537) who will assist you with making the payment. If payment is made by bank transfer or PEF, please send the relevant confirmation by email yamimnoraim5783@gmail.com

For payments made online you will receive your receipt immediately. Receipts for payments made via bank transfer or PEF will take up to one month to receive.

Seat fees for the Yamim Noraim include both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur but we ask that you let us know if any of your seats will be unused on either of the chagim.

The Vaad of the Beit Knesset would like to thank all those who have helped ensure the smooth running of the Beit Knesset during the past exceedingly difficult year as well as all those who have made donations so we can continue to operate a full schedule of activities, shiurim and tefilot.

We ask מחילה וסליחה from any and every member of the Beit Knesset whom we may have inadvertently offended in any manner during the past year, and wish you, your family and all of the House of Israel a very healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

כתיבה וחתימה טובה   

Rav Shai and the Vaad Beit Haknesset

To join Kehilat Nitzanim, follow this link: Membership Application

To pay annual dues and/or Amuta obligation, follow this link: Pay Membership Dues

Yamim Noraim Seats and Payment 5783: https://forms.gle/88uV78iz1ZJPnT4F9

Make an additional donation to Kehilat Nitzanim here: Donate

To join the WhatsApp group (times, notifications and events, admin only posting) for the 9:15a downstairs minyan, follow this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Db9GvLLD7YPHPAM3e5ya1e

Addtional payment details: 

Credit card

The preferred payment method is by credit card directly on the shul’s website: (kehilatnitzanim.org)

For payment form in Hebrew: kehilatnitzanim.org/חברים/חברות-2/

For payment form in English: kehilatnitzanim.org/members/donate/?lang=en

You will receive a receipt immediately upon payment.

Bank transfer:

Bank: Leumi
Account name: Nitzanim
Branch 912
Account No: 50850080
IBAN: L29 0109 1200 0005 0850 080

PEF: For US tax Deduction

All contributions must be in US dollars with the checks made payable to “PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.”- no other words can be on the “Pay to” line accompanied with a letter of recommendation for the funds to be credited to: Beit Knesset Nitzanim-Baka 58-0141885.

Please mail your check and recommendation to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave, RM 1500
New York NY 10017

Their phone number is 212-599-1260

Contributions may be wired directly to the PEF account at:

Israel Discount Bank
511 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Swift: IDBYUS33 (only necessary for transfers originating outside of the US)
ABA #: 026009768
Account #: 1311804
Account name: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

If you send PEF a wire contribution, PEF strongly advise you to ask your bank to include a memo on the transfer slip that identifies you as the donor.

In addition, you must advise PEF in writing (info@pefisrael.org) with ALL of these items:

    • the exact amount that you intend to transfer
    • your recommendation for the use of the funds including the full name of the charity(Beit Knesset Nitzanim- Baka), the 9-digit Israel Tax ID number (58-0141885) and any special programs to which the funds should be applied
    • when the transfer will be/was made so that they can identify the transfer when it comes in.
    • the legal name and address of the donor so that PEF can prepare an official acknowledgment.

If PEF does not have this information from you in writing, they may not be able to identify or allocate the funds. Please email Heli Tharp at info@pefisrael.org before you send the funds.